Project Description
JacOS is an open-source operating system created with COSMOS

JacOS is created in COSMOS (C# Open Source Managed Operating System) which can be found on It is coded in C# and compiled into in ISO that can be run on a computer, VMware, or VirtualBox. Right now it is just me (Jacob Misirian that is coding it so I am looking for project members to help with the more advanced parts.

JacOS is intended to be a complete operating system, but it can be EASILY modified to fit your needs. I am allowing for reproduction of the OS and you are allowed to even create a new project with your variant of JacOS as long as you mention that it is based off of JacOS. Source can be download (entire project folder) from the source code tab.

JacOS is a proud member of

JacOS is a MisirianSoft project, for more MisirianSoft projects check out,, and


-Jacob Misirian (, Member of


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